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WindoPath Toxicology Software

Designed specifically for the toxicology lab

WPTox® includes features and work ow that are specific for drug testing and pain management. It can be used as a stand-alone toxicology information system or as part of a complete laboratory information system.

WPTox simplifies and streamlines much of the sample collection process through its easy-to-use web based sample collection portal, which asks specific questions pertaining to the patient’s history, drug use and prescription medications.

Major features include the ability to capture, properly classify and interpret the presence and/or absence of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, as well as drugs of abuse. This intelligent LIS executes computer coded logic to determine whether the metabolites detected, or not-detected, are consistent or inconsistent with the known information captured at the time of order. The software has the ability to determine the expected pattern of results based on the presence or absence of multiple analytes.


  • Toxicology Specific — WPTox supports the unique work ow of toxicology labs. It also provides complex algorithms to be able to detect the presence, or absence, of drugs that are tested for and is able to compare them to the expected results based upon specific drug combinations and dosages.
  • Customized Reports — WPTox supplies report formats that are prebuilt for the unique result reporting needs of a toxicology lab.
  • Flexible Rules-Based Distribution — WPTox’s flexible distribution options allow the laboratory to automatically distribute reports or manually release reports according to the physician’s or site’s preferred method – via network printer, fax, online with Psyche’s e.outreach module, via mobile devices, or directly to your clients’ EMR through our EMR II module.
  • Integration — WPTox integrates seamlessly with standard toxicology instrumentation vendors for EIA and LCMS/MS based testing.

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