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Intricate Made Simple

Now you can streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities of molecular and genetic testing. NucleoLIS is a fully automated solution designed to support and manage the unique work ow and complex reporting requirements of the molecular and genetic lab, including DNA Sequencing, PCR, FISH, Karyotyping, Immunology, and Pharmacogenomics. NucleoLIS allows you to build and fully configure your specific test menus and workflows, supports rules-based logic for reflex testing and features highly customizable report formatting and distribution.

Key Features

  • The ability to handle all molecular disciplines and workflows (i.e.: PCR, FISH, Karyotyping, Immunology and DNA Sequencing)
  • Highly configurable data tables allow you to define and capture all required result elements which make up a comprehensive report for each test in your menu, including images and calculated data
  • Automated rules-based logic can be applied for reflexive and confirmatory testing
  • Define specific bar code-enabled workflows for any sample or batch to quickly and efficiently track location and phase of processing
  • Specimen storage manager keeps track of where and when specimens are stored for easy retrieval or access
  • Batch/Run Management function to create and manage batches or “runs” for any analysis, including well-
    plate assignment, mapping, and communication with automation platforms
  • Linking of complete patient history, including familial relationships enhances diagnostic and predictive outcomes
  • Scan, attach and link supplemental documents such as external historical patient medical records, lab reports, images, signed consent forms, etc. for each patient and that patient’s linked family members
  • Supports multiple signatures on a case based on testing performed, technologist, pathologist, or geneticist
  • Integration with Pharmacogenomics (PGx) reporting tools to support personalized medicine initiatives
  • Integration with instrumentation that includes result/ release capabilities

Knowing familial history for genetic testing is crucial. Having a place to store and access scanned documents is very useful for a physician to be able to view the entire patient. NucleoLIS provides the ability to scan in external historical patient medical records (result reports and images), link patients together (i.e., siblings, mother, father) that may be getting tested together, as well as add deceased family members’ history — all easily accessed in one place.

Consolidated Result Entry and Viewing with the ability for on demand preview of the report. Users can quickly enter results for all test/assay types in one place.

Overall interpretations, notes and images can be added and stored directly within the case.

Interface capabilities support sending results directly to the result field and the ability to automatically attach images.

You can also open the individual profiles and result them manually if this is your preferred workflow or if you want to deviate from automated workflows for a single case.