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Intuitive Culture Accessioning

When cultures arrive at your lab or microbiology department, a bar coded accession number is used to retrieve the patient and culture information. MicroPath™ will automatically associate the required culture media, and will generate the required number of specimen and media labels. MicroPath also seamlessly supports non-culture or serological testing.

Easy to Use Workflow

The MicroPath system is flexible and easily adapted to support your lab’s specific process. MicroPath also provides an easy way for your lab to design or customize its own label format for specimen, culture, and media labels. For non-culture or serological testing performed in the Microbiology department, worklists may be created and resulted in a similar fashion. Worklists can be built in the order in which the specimens are processed, so that there is no need to sort specimens into a particular worklist order prior to testing.

Result Entry

Result entry can easily be performed for those cultures that require the documentation of significant findings, isolates, biochemical testing, and/or organism identification and sensitivity, as well as Preliminary/Final signout. The system allows all of these tasks to be performed quickly from one screen using the workup manager. Labs can quickly enter information, including the review and acceptance of the antibiotic sensitivity, which is either performed on an interfaced instrument, such as a Vitek or Microscan, or resulted manually. MicroPath can store antibiotic/organism specific patterns as approved by NCCLS. Culture information is neatly organized in a hierarchy so that any user can clearly see what has been done on a particular culture, even if worked on by multiple techs over several days.

MicroPath provides mechanisms for batch result entry which allows technologists to quickly update or finalize cultures with the same result.

Key Features

  • Automatic culture set up and media label printing
  • Advanced infection control reporting
  • Batch result entry for fast update and finalization of results
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Paperless culture processing
  • Integrates with Microbiology instrumentation
  • Susceptibility reporting supports MIC and Kirby Bauer Interpretations

NCCLS approved antibiogram patterns