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Get your results where they need to go.

Psyche Systems has developed a new way to connect all of your physician office EMR and Practice Management systems to your lab, without the cost and complexity of traditional interfacing methods. This dynamic Internet-based process exchanges demographic, billing, order, and result data from your clients’ EMR systems with your Hospital or Laboratory Information System. Psyche’s intelligent patient matching capabilities can dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for manual or duplicate data entry for you and your clients. This improves accuracy and turnaround time, and reduces errors. Information is exchanged using standard industry file formats including HL7, XML and PDF.

All of this through secure, web access – at less than half the cost of other industry EMR interfaces.

  • Complex Orders (Pathology, Molecular, Clinical, etc.)
  • Real-time Lab Requisition
  • “Dirty Order” Scrubbing & Follow Up
  • Lab Management / Error Resolution Tools
  • Custom Result Delivery Formats (XML, PDF, HL7, Text)
  • EMR to LIS Data Mapping Tools
  • Custom File Naming
  • Empowered lab, minimized vendor reliance
  • Single Hub vs Multiple LIS Interfaces
  • Single LIS Connection to all EMRs
  • No Client VPN or Network Requirements
  • Minimal Cost per EMR Interface Format
  • Project Management with EMR Vendors

Meaningful Use and EMR Connectivity

Meaningful Use has been the hot topic in our industry. Exactly what it means to your lab is becoming clearer and information is becoming more readily available on how your lab can incorporate the technology changes necessary to be a part of the $17-18 billion dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Beginning in January, each doctor has the opportunity to receive $44,000 and each hospital to receive $2 million dollars for adopting and incorporating EMR technologies and by proving Meaningful Use.

Helpful Meaningful Use Links

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