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Outreach screenshotNow you can offer your customers the ability to order a full range of clinical, pathology and molecular tests. Simply. With the click of a mouse—then give them the ability to route the orders directly to the appropriate testing location and to receive the reports back, customized and in the manner they prefer.

The Order Entry screens provide patient and sample demographic information as well as a menu of lab tests and supplies that are available to be ordered by each client or physician. Clients can search for specific patient reports, or can view a listing of all available reports by date range and completion status. Reports can be viewed selectively and/or batch printed to local office printers, faxed, etc. based upon specific customer requirements. In addition to viewing the patient’s current report, clients can view a patient’s full result history. One or more tests may be selected and displayed in a graph over time, to further enhance the diagnostic value of the results.