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e.monitor is an extensive solution for Laboratories to monitor and pro-actively manage all of your interface services that communicate with Psyche’s Laboratory Information Systems. It provides support for monitoring Backend Processes, EMR Connections, and HL7 Interfaces.

With real-time monitoring of all processes and their connectivity, you can quickly determine where there may be bottlenecks or roadblocks in your inbound and outbound data delivery.

e.monitor provides transactional-level views of each process and incorporates resend capability, ensuring that your laboratory data is being delivered on time – where you need it; when you need it.

e.monitor offers the following benefits and features:

    • Process Monitor: Track real-time status of all backend processes and integration points including email delivery, fax delivery, EMR connections, LIS results to OutReach distribution, OutReach Orders to LIS distribution, color coded update status indicators, process time intervals.
    • Process Monitor Drill-Down: Drill down into each distinct process to get further transaction level detail for any process. Filter and search transactions. Flag transactions for redistribution when needed.
    • EMR Monitoring: Track the real-time status of all EMR systems.

Real time monitoring

e.monitor is NOW available as an add-on module to all of Psyche Systems’ products including:

  • WindoPath Version 7 and Version 8
  • Outreach
  • NucleoLIS
  • MicroPath