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Psyche’s Products

  • NucleoLIS – Streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities of Molecular testing. NucleoLIS is a fully automated solution for PCR, Immunology, FISH, Karyotyping and DNA sequencing designed to support the unique workflow, deviations, reflexing and the complex reporting requirements of the Molecular lab. NucleoLIS features the ability to build libraries quickly and easily, supporting the creation of customizable tables for result reports. As well as the ability to incorporate logic which can be applied for range checking and reflex testing automatically when defined results are applied to a test.
  • WPTox – An LIS purpose-built for drug and toxicology labs. WPTox simplifies and streamlines much of the toxicology and pain management sample collection process through its easy-to-use web based portal, which asks specific questions pertaining to the patient’s history, drug use and prescription medications. WPTox includes the ability to capture, properly classify and interpret the presence and/or absence of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, as well as drugs of abuse. This intelligent LIS executes special logic to determine whether the metabolites detected, or not-detected, are consistent or inconsistent with the known information captured at the time of order. The software evaluates the expected pattern of results based on the presence or absence of multiple analytes, and provides a report that is designed specifically for this type of testing.
  • MicroPath – MicroPath is a purpose-built, full-featured, easy to use and affordable microbiology application. A powerful application specifically designed to support the unique workflows of a paperless Microbiology laboratory. Designed to employ full bar coding to store and retrieve patient and culture information, MicroPath automatically associates the required culture media, and the required number of specimen and media labels. Culture-specific workup rules, templates, and batch result entry eliminate time-consuming data entry and provide a fully electronic work card. MicroPath also easily interfaces with any instrument, and seamlessly supports molecular testing, such as PCR, that is typically performed in the Microbiology lab. MicroPath was built in conjunction with microbiologists to ensure that it meets the specific needs and workflow for microbiologists. Microbiology processing no longer needs to be a manual or cumbersome process!
  • WindoPath – A highly advanced, full-featured Anatomic Pathology information system with a modular, customizable design. This design allows quick and easy adaptation to the specific needs of laboratories of all sizes and testing capabilities. WindoPath is used in hospitals, private pathology groups, physician office labs, and various specialty labs including cytology, Dermatopathology, urology, gastroenterology, molecular pathology, toxicology, and genetic testing, among others. It is a complete Laboratory Information System, including CLIA compliance, and HIPAA-related security and privacy provisions.
  • e.Outreach – Now you can offer your customers the ability to order a full range of clinical, pathology and molecular tests. Simply. With the click of a mouse—then give them the ability to route the orders directly to the appropriate testing location and to receive the reports back, customized and in the manner they prefer. The Order Entry screens provide patient and sample demographic information as well as a menu of lab tests and supplies that are available to be ordered by each client or physician. Clients can search for specific patient reports, or can view a listing of all available reports by date range and completion status. Reports can be viewed selectively and/or batch printed to local office printers, faxed, etc. based upon specific customer requirements. In addition to viewing the patient’s current report, clients can view a patient’s full result history. One or more tests may be selected and displayed in a graph over time, to further enhance the diagnostic value of the results.
  • e.Monitor – An extensive solution for laboratories to monitor and pro-actively manage interface services that communicate with Psyche’s Laboratory Information Systems. It provides support for monitoring Backend Processes, EMR Connections, and HL7 Interfaces.
  • e.Dashboard – This module provides a real-time laboratory management dashboard with custom productivity and performance reports and standard management reports. eDashboard allows managers to have a holistic view of the laboratory’s ‘health’ at any point in time.
  • EMR Interfacing – Psyche Systems has developed a new way to connect all of your physician office EMR and Practice Management systems to your lab, without the cost and complexity of traditional interfacing methods. This dynamic Internet-based process exchanges demographic, billing, order, and result data from your clients’ EMR systems with your Hospital or Laboratory Information System. Psyche’s intelligent patient matching capabilities can dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for manual or duplicate data entry for you and your clients. This improves accuracy and turnaround time, and reduces errors. Information is exchanged using standard industry file formats including HL7, XML and PDF.
  •  e.AutoPrint – Provides the ability to print your laboratory’s result report directly to the location your client prefers whether that is to a printer in their office, on their desk, at the location they practice at on Mondays and Wednesdays on those days and the one they practice at the remaining days—the options are limitless. eAutoPrint is your lab’s solution to having to fax. You are no longer tied to dedicated phone lines, line and usage charges, low resolution, grainy and black and white reports. You will now be able to support high resolution, full color images on reports for a polished finished product.