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Psyche's Product Suite

Solutions for every lab

Psyche has been proudly providing laboratory information system software solutions to public and private laboratories of all sizes for over thirty years. As one of the highest rated systems providers, according to KLAS*, we provide integrated clinical, anatomic pathology and molecular software as well as LIS extension modules and a 510(k) approved blood bank package.


WindoPath is a highly advanced, full-featured anatomic pathology information system with a modular, customizable design.


Streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities of Molecular testing. NucleoLIS is a fully automated solution for PCR, Immunology, FISH, Karyotyping and DNA sequencing designed to support workflow, deviations, reflexing and the complex reporting requirements of the Molecular lab.


An LIS purpose-built for drug and toxicology labs. WPTox is designed to follow the unique and specific workflow and requirements of toxicology and/or pain management testing facilities. It comes complete with pre-built, focused report formats and evaluation capabilities.


You can offer your customers the ability to order a full range of clinical, pathology and molecular tests. Simply and securely. With the click of a mouse – then give them the ability to route the orders directly to the appropriate testing location and to receive the reports back, customized and in the manner they prefer.

WindoPath CliniCAL

Clinical LIS software for labs of all types and sizes, built on the functionality, database and utilizing the same core product of our award winning WindoPath AP LIS. This provides clinical labs with the proven and award winning, functionality and track record that our AP LIS is known for. It also enables AP or clinical labs to have the ability to expand their test menus, while providing a completely seamless, full history and view of each patient and case, including truly combined report capabilities.


Implement a new way to connect all of your physician office EMR and Practice Management systems to your lab, without the cost and complexity of traditional interfacing methods. This dynamic Internet-based process exchanges demographic, billing, order, and result data from your clients' EMR systems with your Hospital or Laboratory Information System.


MicroPath is a purpose-built, full-featured, easy to use and affordable microbiology application. MicroPath was built in conjunction with microbiologists to ensure that it meets the specific needs and workflow for microbiologists. Microbiology processing no longer needs to be a manual or cumbersome process.