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CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY — October 27, 2016 — Coriell Life Sciences, Inc., an innovative provider of clinical genetic reporting solutions, and Psyche Systems, the leader in medical laboratory software systems, today announced a technology partnership and integration designed to provide end-to-end sample management and comprehensive interpretation and reporting for pharmacogenomics and women’s health molecular diagnostics.  The alignment provides mutual laboratory customers with a comprehensive solution for managing genetic samples and providing actionable reporting to caregivers seeking the right patient treatments, and will initially focus on a unified pipeline for pharmacogenomics and women’s health genetic testing before expanding to include additional genetic tests in the near future.

“We are delighted to partner with Psyche Systems,” said Dr. Jeffrey Shaman, Director of Business Development for Coriell Life Sciences.  “We believe this integration is a perfect fit for customers who need to marry rigorous laboratory sample management with immediately marketable and actionable clinical reporting.”

Genetic testing for pharmaceutical drug response has emerged as a valuable asset for clinicians.  It is now possible to perform an inexpensive analysis of a patient’s DNA to more precisely predict how that patient will respond to medications.  By more carefully aligning the right pills to the right patient, doctors can improve quality of care, reduce costs to the healthcare system, and minimize adverse reactions to prescription medications.  Adverse drug reactions have reached epidemic levels in the U.S., killing more than 120,000 people each year.

Coriell Life Sciences offers a unique suite of tools to physicians that includes comprehensive analysis of risk, accounting for genetic factors alongside risks posed by drug interactions, age-related risks, cognitive impairment risks, and many other considerations.

Beyond pharmacogenomics testing, the pairing of Psyche System’s LIS platforms with Coriell Life Sciences genetic interpretation systems will provide immediately available, best-of-breed laboratory information solutions specific to the workflow and automation infrastructure that provides genetic results for women’s health testing.  Genetic analysis of bacterial flora can more quickly and accurately diagnose the presence of infections than the current standard testing methods.  By directly integrating the core information management solution provided by Psyche Systems, laboratories can immediately offer these market-leading tests to their customers while leveraging their current investment in information technology resources.

“We’re thrilled to work alongside Psyche Systems and satisfy two critical laboratory components: a robust, flexible, and secure LIS to manage sample processing, as well as a trusted scientific interpretation of genetic data that powers real world, actionable reports for customers,” said Scott Megill, President and CEO of Coriell Life Sciences.

“The relationship between Psyche Systems and Coriell, as well as the integration between our solutions, are synergistic from so many perspectives that it was a natural fit from the start,” said Lisa-Jean Clifford, CEO of Psyche Systems. “From the seamless ability to integrate our technology platforms to the objectives of both of our companies to improve the focus on individualized healthcare with the best possible outcomes – this is a relationship we are truly looking forward to expanding as the market continues to evolve.”

The integration of Psyche Systems products with Coriell Life Sciences interpretation and reporting infrastructure will be available to new and existing customers in fourth quarter 2016.

About Coriell Life Sciences
Coriell Life Sciences is the commercial arm of the world-renowned, non-profit Coriell Institute for Medical Research.  The organization concentrates on bridging the gap between genetic science and clinical application and has created the most comprehensive medication safety solution in the market with its core products: GeneDose and GeneDose LIVE.  Additionally, Coriell Life Sciences provides a testing and reporting infrastructure for women’s health and other healthcare scenarios that require the use of genetics to provide more precise, more appropriate care for patients.  For more information, visit

About Psyche Systems
Psyche Systems Corporation is a private, profit-driven software company that has focused exclusively on delivering laboratory information software solutions to hospitals, commercial labs and clinics since 1976.  Psyche Systems provides laboratory information software as best-of-breed products designed to meet the specific criteria of anatomic pathology, toxicology, microbiology and molecular labs.  Unwavering focus has enabled Psyche to maintain strong customer loyalty and deliver on the commitment to high quality products and services.
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